Kung Fu couple was defeated by a pork belly, but was saved by a flying chicken

2022 ж. 19 Қыр.
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Welcome to the world of Chinese kung fu food together!
You will appreciate That Chinese kung fu master cooks varieties of Chinese food with Amazing Kung Fu Steps that you never known before!
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  • This is actually the first time i see a well done edit, non cringe chinese food cooking video

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  • この世の物理法則を無視しまくってて好き

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  • is no one gonna talk about the snake that put his tounge through his mouth? 💀💀💀 Edit:TYSM FOR 11 LIKES I NEVER GOT THIS MANY LIKES 😭😭-

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    • No one gonna talk about that he named a snake a pork belly? And a fucking eagle a "flying chicken"

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  • How to be good at ninja cooking:

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  • Фильм" Бысто летящий , вкусно готовищийся кусок бекона"

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  • Rip por la serpiente🐍😂

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