Trainer Gae - Don't try Sweep with Monk Trainer 😡 (Муай Тай)

2023 ж. 21 Қаң.
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  • Gae started falling before the kick even hit him😂

    Gosh3r_0n3 feels good tmGosh3r_0n3 feels good tm2 ай бұрын
    • @MrGoodboy987 He's playing along. He allowed himself to go down as part of the act.

      Bob DobalinaBob Dobalina6 сағат бұрын
    • 3800th like🎉

      Craig SmithCraig Smith4 күн бұрын
    • ​@MrGoodboy987 enough sass from you

      Cody shmodieCody shmodie20 күн бұрын
    • Exactly

      pilotcodingpilotcoding22 күн бұрын
    • Is true

      Slim-C SlimSlim-C Slim24 күн бұрын
  • He took that personal 😂😂

    【天使】Los【天使】LosАй бұрын
    • ​@JR 👍

      EpromikEpromik10 күн бұрын
    • he was falling before the kick bro was looking for an excuse to beat his ass

      JRJR23 күн бұрын
    • ​@Paul Willis it's staged. Don't stress yourself lol

      Lol OngLol Ong25 күн бұрын
    • But isn’t that why the big guy had the huge freakin pad on so the little guy could train on his kick,,, I’m confused??? Shouldn’t the little guy been aloud to wear a ginormous pad on his ribs and ankle??

      Paul WillisPaul Willis27 күн бұрын
    • ​@Cobra Commanderyeah I saw that 😂

      Justine Hermoso LimJustine Hermoso Lim27 күн бұрын
  • The monk trainer is a Dark Souls NPC in an alternate universe.

    Divyesh LadvaDivyesh LadvaАй бұрын
    • once down he shouldnt have walked away... should have ran. Ha hah, no really he shoulda kept him in submission.

      Bill BeckBill BeckАй бұрын
    • cus he was preparing himself for the high kick

      valeriovalerioАй бұрын
    • Definitely looking like a STR build

      sam ksam kАй бұрын
  • Its amazing that Gae knew where his kick was going before he threw it, Gae leaned to the right to make falling easier with the kick.

    indexindex11 күн бұрын
  • “Never outshine the master”

    Robi RawRobi RawАй бұрын
    • @Samuel Ediale дл

      Василь ВолощукВасиль Волощук25 күн бұрын
    • Lmao I’m currently listening to the audiobook and on that same law funny universe to see this comment the exact moment that law was stated

      Samuel EdialeSamuel Ediale28 күн бұрын
    • ​@ODan75 I promise I was going to post that

      Creole.Gou.504Creole.Gou.504Ай бұрын
    • That's kind of hard to do being that most times masters have nothing else. Masters teach the students to go out in conquer. Many masters that can teach can't conquer. There's no shame in that because many who can conquer can't teach.

      Catch A CaseCatch A CaseАй бұрын
    • Law 1 of the 48 Laws of Power

      ODan75ODan75Ай бұрын
  • Trainers mind said “ alright then you little bastard”

    SaucyBigMac5SaucyBigMac520 күн бұрын
    • And before that he told him how they gonna stage it...

      Turbo YetiTurbo Yeti8 күн бұрын
  • When the trainers and fighters are so good, they have the energy and time to do choreography for fun🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aston Price-LockhartAston Price-LockhartАй бұрын
    • Scripted see the trainor Check his leg... His acting like true but not scripted

      Ka-i OrlyKa-i Orly27 күн бұрын
    • 😂😂

      bultum media newsbultum media newsАй бұрын
    • ​@Mumu ลองมั้ยในไทย

      ทุกเรื่องราว กลายเป็นตำนานทุกเรื่องราว กลายเป็นตำนานАй бұрын
    • ils pourraient faire du cinéma, cascadeur, y sont bons

      MumuMumuАй бұрын
  • Rumor has it, he’s still mad over that sweep🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    VolumeRecordsVolumeRecords20 күн бұрын
  • The bro kicked his ego outa balance 😂

    Onyx AriesOnyx AriesАй бұрын
    • Fake

      Anthony IslasAnthony Islas7 күн бұрын
  • When someone is training you , especially when the trainer has more experience than you, don't go disrespecting him cause that can cause you to get your behind handed back to you 💯🙏🏻

    Stranger's nightStranger's nightАй бұрын
    • @Santino Cherry facts 😂

      Donnie DillonDonnie DillonАй бұрын
    • @Donnie Dillon this guy is the definition of go with the flow of conversation lmao

      Santino CherrySantino CherryАй бұрын
    • He didn’t even disrespect him tbh. He kicked right where the pad was lol

      Donnie DillonDonnie DillonАй бұрын
  • Man that kick was amazing to drop that big boy. That is phenomenal strength.

    David DeckardDavid Deckard5 күн бұрын
  • The way the coach fell tho🤣🤣🤣

    Radeem WalkerRadeem WalkerАй бұрын
  • He hurt the teacher's pride..🤣🤣🤣🤣

    jp querneljp quernel2 ай бұрын
    • Y'all looking too deep into it Trainer Gae is always like that

      Deminus GermanicusDeminus GermanicusАй бұрын
    • Y’all don’t train or fight huh? He fell on purpose

      LEOEXOLEOEXOАй бұрын
    • Agreed. But the student was too much though. It was just a training, not a serious fight. Imagine if the trainer was saenchai. That kid would've been destroyed into pieces.

      Jim GreatJim GreatАй бұрын
    • @Mul Yadi dia emang udah tau akan ditendang di kaki tapi dia nggak tau bakalan keras tendangan muridnya, makanya dia kesel. Latihan ya jangan keras2.

      Jim GreatJim GreatАй бұрын
    • @NBA Moyboyy what makes it a cheap shot

      fishplant.fishplant.Ай бұрын
  • No people look how the trainer was holding his arms with the bag, when the trainee went for a mistaken leg kick the trainer knew he could potential get injured not ready for it so he clearly just went with it. Furthermore, while at the end the trainer held the hand bangs for a preparatory high kick thus sweeping the trainee on his planted foot to teach him, “ not to fucking do that!”😅

    RapaX MorhogaRapaX MorhogaАй бұрын
    • He's playing along. He allowed himself to go down as part of the act. He could have just as easily stayed on his feet and he would have been fine but it's more fun for the camera if he goes down and then "comes after" Nong-O

      Bob DobalinaBob Dobalina6 сағат бұрын
    • yup, that's exactly what happened, and that's why he laid on the floor for a bit cause he knew he fucked up

      Growing the GardenGrowing the Garden24 күн бұрын
    • Good observation

      Just OpinionJust OpinionАй бұрын
  • “Oh hell no he’s taking this too serious” 😂😂😂😂

    Micah FergusonMicah Ferguson2 күн бұрын
  • These fights are so good. I hope they have more 🙏

    Paul HawkinsPaul HawkinsАй бұрын
  • Trainer got angry because that was a good sleep so the fighter humbled himself to make the trainer get self esteem back

    Edward JoyceEdward JoyceАй бұрын
    • Or the trainer fell on purpose, because he clearly did.

      kris Williamskris Williams26 күн бұрын
    • Nope, its because he didn't hit where he told him

      Vasile TraianVasile Traian29 күн бұрын
  • Rule #1 never outshine your master

    HelloMyFriendsHelloMyFriendsАй бұрын
    • The guy who stole Ur comment a week later who 300+ more likes than u huhu

      YouTube BramYouTube Bram16 күн бұрын
  • Great! He waited and got even at the right moment 👍🏼.

    Alvaro Fortunato SamayoaAlvaro Fortunato SamayoaАй бұрын
  • If the young man continues, there comes a time when he will anticipate every move by his trainer. He’ll be even in skill level. Then a little more time will pass. The student will begin beating the master. This is what I’m experiencing right now. I can see the “fear” in his eyes. 😂

    exactlyAsPredictedexactlyAsPredictedАй бұрын
  • don't let the coach show you why he's the coach

    KeithKeithАй бұрын
  • I haven’t laughed that hard in a long ass time. Too funny 😂.

    Julius DreamJulius DreamАй бұрын
  • Grande Master Gae 🙏🙏

    Alfio GiudiceAlfio GiudiceАй бұрын
  • Never outshine the master!

    GeronimoGeronimo11 күн бұрын
  • An Oscar for this 2 actors 👏 👌

    Orlando AnguloOrlando AnguloАй бұрын
  • I've had this before. Nail my coach in the face accidentally and immediately getting toppled to the ground😭🤣

    Roelof van der MerweRoelof van der MerweАй бұрын
    • Se nota a leguas que están fingiendo

      jhon condejhon condeАй бұрын
    • All while playing the piano

      Phillip EmeryPhillip EmeryАй бұрын
  • Nice sweep kick then the coach reaction was priceless

    Keeping It_real!Keeping It_real!Ай бұрын
  • Nong OOH, is one of the best Muay Thai ever & Gae the great Muay Thai trainer,,, fc Uk 🇬🇧❤️🇹🇭🙏

    OttOttАй бұрын
  • "boards don't hit back" but this monk is kicking your azz.. 🤣😂

    Rick MoonRick MoonАй бұрын
  • Dang that why thai fighters are so good, that training is brutal!!!

    Kratos RagnarokKratos RagnarokАй бұрын
  • Real true fighters with mutual respect to art of mutual learning.Thanks

    牛腩面加底牛腩面加底Ай бұрын
    • I love how he reminded him who's runnin shit still

      Thomas HThomas HАй бұрын
    • @Shawn Krause bruh that thai trainer always do shit like that, they joke that way often, its acted for laughs

      Vain LerbiVain LerbiАй бұрын
    • ​@Shawn Krause outstanding your answer I would say and agree with you,when I was just a kid my dad told me the student got to be better than the teacher at the end,my father was good father ,good human being two months before he passed to better life he remaind me about it I said yes dad I remember ,,he look at me and said you are much better father,muçh better person you surpassed the teacher, somehow that help him to be at peace and help me to accept that I wasn't going to see him never again

      Arturo GlezzArturo GlezzАй бұрын
    • Sorry friend. Some people don’t get it!

      dozdeshabbdozdeshabbАй бұрын
    • Didn’t look like respect to me. Looked like revenge and anger

      Shawn KrauseShawn KrauseАй бұрын
  • Professor bem humilde aceitou perder numa boa

    Marcos SantosMarcos SantosАй бұрын
  • Teacher got kicked in the pad and still dropped.

    Wes YoungWes Young16 сағат бұрын
  • I love this guy.

    Beau BellamyBeau BellamyАй бұрын
  • Never outshine the master

    Uncomon_ScentzUncomon_ScentzАй бұрын
    • 48 laws of power. Scary accurate.

      Well Somebody Had to Say ItWell Somebody Had to Say ItАй бұрын
  • That’s Nong-O though. One of the heads of the modern Muay Thai’s Mount Rushmore.

    VannTheDawnVannTheDawnАй бұрын
    • ah i saw it right..

      Chris N.Chris N.Ай бұрын
  • My man got up rocked and wobbly after that low kick 😂

    Cee MorCee MorАй бұрын
    • It was Very Powerful.... Tho.... 😂

      Tony TaylorTony TaylorАй бұрын
  • Gae was like " so for the camera you think I'ma let you finish me like that.. Get overr heree🤣💯🔥🥇.

    La'Fii🔥La'Fii🔥Ай бұрын
  • What a powerful kick the trainer came down in one shot 😂😂

    shafee abdulshafee abdulАй бұрын
  • Damn Nong-O became the student again so quick🤣😂. But seriously he is an awesome fighter. It's been awesome watching his reign in One Championship

    UniversalPyrosUniversalPyrosАй бұрын
  • That teacher should get up and hug him for being able to do that.

    KB MILLERKB MILLER29 күн бұрын
    • Nah it don't work like that

      akp'nin Azraili Kemalist,Türkçü Gençlikakp'nin Azraili Kemalist,Türkçü Gençlik28 күн бұрын
  • He knew he messed up, that's why he walked off so fast 🤣🤣🤣

    Delbert FoustDelbert FoustАй бұрын
  • Gae started falling before getting hit on his padded leg😂

    Ed&Patty-mon santosEd&Patty-mon santosАй бұрын
    • @Wen Song 😂😂😂👍

      Ed&Patty-mon santosEd&Patty-mon santosАй бұрын
    • It is because the generated air wave is so strong.

      Wen SongWen SongАй бұрын
    • He was leaning into the power but was expecting to kicked high.. Then got his pride hurt. 😆

      Stephen dayStephen dayАй бұрын
  • The look on everyone's face tho like God help him

    Isaiah MaldonadoIsaiah Maldonado20 күн бұрын
  • I like how he held up the pads and then kicked his leg out. 🤣🤣

    Die DefendingDie Defending28 күн бұрын
  • Actual training right here.

    R.KR.K2 ай бұрын
  • Rule number one. NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER. He learned the hard way 🤷🤦

    O'Shion Da GreatO'Shion Da GreatАй бұрын
    • So? He is master, he should never go down.

      Deep BhaisareDeep BhaisareАй бұрын
  • If you PS your trainer off like that, take what happens next as a compliment:

    Kenneth RicherKenneth Richer2 күн бұрын
  • never mess with the coach!🤣🤣🤣

    joaquinv75joaquinv75Ай бұрын
  • OG set him up with his own kick. Notice how he enticed him to kick with his right foot which left him open. The setup was perfect. He knew what he was offering but it was already a done deal. That’s skill! 👊🏽

    Everett WhiteEverett WhiteАй бұрын
    • It’s almost like he used the pads to tell him to kick

      Jacob GutierrezJacob GutierrezАй бұрын
  • where can you train with this guy?

    Kevin DodsonKevin DodsonАй бұрын
  • I fell just like that on ice. I’m still hurting.

    Youtube CommentsYoutube CommentsАй бұрын
  • Jahajajja kakakaksksk é bom um treinozinho de leve com o sensei

    venício M. Santosvenício M. SantosАй бұрын
  • It was at this moment… he knew done effed up 😂

    gOD-LiKE SystemSgOD-LiKE SystemS10 күн бұрын
  • That flop was awesome. He should train soccer players.

    John BargasJohn BargasАй бұрын
    • Nah they just messing around... soccer players just straight up disingenuous for flopping.

      bryan bbryan bАй бұрын
    • Yes he is

      MarhaenMarhaenАй бұрын
  • Caught him off guard 😂

    RBKTWN 2713RBKTWN 2713Ай бұрын
  • 😂😂😂😂อาจารย์เก่งสุดแล้วครับ🎉🎉🎉

    Kittisak DuangpanyaKittisak Duangpanya29 күн бұрын
  • He wasnt falling, he was leaning into the kick. They were probably pranking trainer Gae

    spenny kospenny koАй бұрын
  • One unhappy trainer until he got revenge

    gary mgary mАй бұрын
  • Bro took it personally🤣😂😂

  • Nice Set up nice performance. Great acting! 💯

    Scare CrowScare Crow2 ай бұрын
    • You should try and get a lesson with this trainer 😂 see how it’s “great acting”

      MuaythaikidMuaythaikidАй бұрын
  • I was new to martial arts and my Sensei, during a sparring night, said he would spar me and another guy at the same time. I was a white belt and the other guy a green. We started sparring and I remember it being like a Popeye carton where he punches 50 guys that come at him one at a time. I had the idea that if he said he would spar 2 guys, he should spar 2 guys. When Sensei turned to engage the green belt I went in and leg swept him. I paid for it but I thought less of him for getting upset.

    NotsofastNotsofastАй бұрын
    • ummm he has a pad on his leg right where he got kicked... what's the problem? I'd be like "wow, great job!".. think about it. he kicked right through thick padding on a guy twice his weight and alleged skills and knocked him off his feet... That needs to be complimented.

      colin-man yeates-clancolin-man yeates-clan21 күн бұрын
    • @ungültiger name sparring is whatever the fighters have agreed upon if they want to go light or hard either way is a fighting simulation so if the student is better than the coach and the coach agrees to spar he shouldn’t get upset for getting his ass whooped even though I would personally like light sparring especially with your coach because your improving on your technique footwork ext…better that way in my opinion…also in the video they are not sparring😂

      Manos PManos P25 күн бұрын
    • @Jonesey Boy exactly so its okay if this happens because he wasn’t truly trying against them and he should congratulate them and say its his fault for losing focus and to not make the same mistake seems easy to me. While maintaining that dominance but not appearing as a threat or parental figure.

      yeboi D.P.yeboi D.P.27 күн бұрын
    • ​@Jonesey Boy sparring is more like light fighting. Its free choice of allowed techniques.

      ungültiger nameungültiger name28 күн бұрын
    • Sparring is more of a demonstration or teaching session than a fighting session. That should be understood.

      Jonesey BoyJonesey Boy28 күн бұрын
  • Por essa o professor não esperava kkk

    Leo CamposLeo CamposАй бұрын
  • А говорят груша не даёт сдачи😂

    Джон ДжоновичДжон ДжоновичАй бұрын
  • Al maestro hay que respetarlo, sé supone que están entrenando no se golpea tan fuerte por eso él maestro lo puso en su sitio y escapó bien qué sólo le dio un aviso y no lo noqueó.

    Manuel QuinteroManuel QuinteroАй бұрын
  • That master was like ok my turn now🔥💯

    Javorotti HowzeJavorotti HowzeАй бұрын

    COVIDLUDE-19'91COVIDLUDE-19'912 ай бұрын
    • Hahahahahaaa! Word☝

      Kyle MurrayKyle MurrayАй бұрын
    • ครุเสียเหลี่ยมมวยให้ลูกศิษย์ ยอมได้ไง555

      พีระพล มีบุญพีระพล มีบุญАй бұрын
    • ​@Pewdiepii Pew wie so true. 🤣🤣🤣

      Share TogetherShare TogetherАй бұрын
    • but not kids from 2000 like me..i will sue my parents.

      Pewdiepii Pew wiePewdiepii Pew wieАй бұрын
  • Lol, fair play to the youngan. Someone had to restore authority ..

    Just An OpinionJust An Opinion8 күн бұрын
  • I literally see the trainer falling before he even got kicked look at his head 😂😂😂

    Alfonso SimmonsAlfonso Simmons29 күн бұрын
  • That set up is impeccable!!

    RevyRev70RevyRev70Ай бұрын
    • La prepotencia. De este disque Instructor.

      Luis AlcivarLuis AlcivarАй бұрын
  • Lesson #1: never try to out do the master.

    Hassan FrancisHassan Francis11 күн бұрын
  • Thats what that pad is for , kicked it spot on :)

    Fullysicmaate67 The ' FULLY SIC ' KingFullysicmaate67 The ' FULLY SIC ' KingАй бұрын
  • Bro imagine beefing with the almost pedestrian looking trainer guy on the street like he's just a dude with a beer belly

    KyleKyleАй бұрын
  • In title; “Don’t try sweep with monk trainer” Footage; Dude sweeps 🧹 his Monk Trainer without even tryin’

    Jan KiBJan KiB13 күн бұрын
  • Lol seemed like a legit leg kick dude just got embarrased

    Cameron FordCameron Ford16 күн бұрын
  • That first kick shocked the s#¡t out of him 😂

  • Jejeje , buen barrido , el maestro se molestó mucho de ser barrido como un muñeco 😂👌

    PErnesto MenendezPErnesto Menendez6 күн бұрын
  • Dude knew it was over l, that’s why he ran to the corner 😂😂

    Micah FergusonMicah Ferguson2 күн бұрын
  • อาจารย์ต้องเก่งศิษย์ นี้แหละเรียกสอนมวย fcคูรเกครับ

    นิสิต สุรานิสิต สุราАй бұрын
  • "Do you have a problem with that?" "No, Sensei."

    Will FiddleWill FiddleАй бұрын
  • Isso sim é sensei

    Vulgo H∆£LVulgo H∆£LАй бұрын
  • The coach intended to fall, watch it again. The kick hasn't hit yet and he's already knocked down

    Aldrine MacheteAldrine Machete2 ай бұрын
    • @The Loop ...but it's part of the training, right kick from master have pad, dude when is in the corner have to go back with lower kick and punch combo

      paapi Montespaapi MontesАй бұрын
    • Lol no

      EL34GloEL34GloАй бұрын
    • He bait the right arm pad that's why his stand off to the right

      Anson PuiAnson PuiАй бұрын
  • Kkkkkk,foi o tombo mais engraçado que eu já vi kkkkkk.

    vídeos insanosvídeos insanosАй бұрын
  • They were playing together, not hurting each other. You shouldn't just watch this, thank you.

    EAA-By-SAmEAA-By-SAmАй бұрын
  • Everyone notice the outer leg pad the fighter made contact with during his sweep now look at the fall coming from the trainer before he is kicked .... They planned that fall... That's a real training session in the works

    Jason HicksJason HicksАй бұрын
  • Bobby Lee is a beast

    Justin G.Justin G.Ай бұрын
  • Would not want to mess with either one 😂!

    The Strong 💪 Old Man!The Strong 💪 Old Man!Ай бұрын
  • He literally starting falling before he even had contact from the kick.... watch carefully 🤣

    BoagriusBoagriusАй бұрын
    • He didn't even put the pads up either. Definitely started falling because he knew it was coming

      JesseJesseАй бұрын
    • No.

      James BondJames BondАй бұрын
    • I noticed it too.

      Damtew HarinetDamtew HarinetАй бұрын
  • The most rigid shells usually house the most fragile egos.

    TT25 күн бұрын
  • If he gets discouraged from you bettering him you are obviously getting better than him 😏👌

    Donnie MontourDonnie Montour12 күн бұрын
  • Esse cara é bom de mais queria eu treina nesse lugar

    Alessandra Da costa salgadoAlessandra Da costa salgado2 ай бұрын
    • ​@kanthika daengdngbang Verdade mesmo. Você foi cirúrgica em suas palavras.

    • ​@kanthika daengdngbang สงสัยพ่อเป็นเขมร

      TanSvk1996TanSvk1996Ай бұрын
    • @kanthika daengdngbang 😂ไปไล่เค้าทำไม

      สมศักดิ์ หลําดีนสมศักดิ์ หลําดีนАй бұрын
    • ไปฝึกที่เขมรสิครับมวยเขมรเขาบอกว่าเก่งกว่ามวยไทยแลนด์

      kanthika daengdngbangkanthika daengdngbang2 ай бұрын
  • “And i took that personally”

    SjcooliSjcooliАй бұрын
  • Lmfao he was mad and fell like a cut tree

    Florida ManFlorida ManАй бұрын
  • 1000, % mocy mistrzu szacun 👋

    Rafał CichońRafał Cichoń2 ай бұрын
  • Él maestro simplemente no puede quedar ante sus discípulos por eso le dio una lección a su alumno

    Daniel Boli manriqueDaniel Boli manriqueАй бұрын
  • Must be proud of his Student !

    sergiu ghentsergiu ghent29 күн бұрын
  • I have no idea of martial arts, but would try to to train with him for a while for fun 🙂

    Harry HarefootHarry HarefootАй бұрын
  • That kick was strong

    Marc DrummondMarc DrummondАй бұрын
  • อย่างลุ้น...5555 อยากดูภาคต่อเลย

    มีความสุขดี สุขีอัตตานังมีความสุขดี สุขีอัตตานัง5 күн бұрын
  • You can clearly see him preparing to fall before the dude even makes contact with his knee

    Big Daddy RomeoBig Daddy RomeoАй бұрын